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Thursday, July 3, 2014

A/H F/W 15/16 RTW: Tartan, Fleur, Apple.

A/H F/W 15/16 RTW Preview, Toile La La.

Fashion, Styling, Photography - Toile La La.
Fleur wears a repurposed vintage 70s quarter-scale Erika Elias Charlie's Girls apple sweater upcycled as part of the Toile La La L'Oeil Creatif a L'Avance collection.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Observation of Fashion Parallels.

New Wave, sampling, Hip Hop, graffiti, world music, MTV... these are some of the catalysts which yielded such interesting avant garde and asymmetrical fashions of the 80s.  If you take a close look around you - on the catwalk, in magazines - many of those 80s trends appeal still today.   Particularly via blazers and wingtip/brogue/oxford shoes, menswear for women has enjoyed a resurgence for a good while now.  Also stemming from the 80s are still-percolating vintage, goth, and steampunk trends.

These are things I discuss in my 80s Fashion Design Book 1: Drawn - available at Etsy.  An excerpt:
Toile La La collage featuring late 80s magazine tearsheet. 80s Fashion Design Book 1: Drawn.
This image appears on page 34 of the 77-page zine, and on page 23 of the 120-page book.  The book includes much more commentary via endnotes - as well as inspiration lists, whereas the zine leans toward the visual - with larger images and much less text.

"Pre-Vintage:  Before widespread enthusiasm for vintage... this was an image - marked Tim Jenkins - cut from a magazine and glued into my small, black late 80s/early 90s sketch/scrapbook.  For me, it signals the advent or cusp of America's fascination with vintage finds.  The ensemble seems simultaneously goth and flapper-esque, not quite steampunk.  Her backpack/purse is the touch of youth and modernity.  I like how she is running about in her fringe and hat and long, knotted strand of beads on a muddy, blustery, grey day. 
Thrift or vintage dressing... didn't really catch on until the late 80s.  Vintage and recycled clothing became popular, trendy, closer to the 90s.... .
The ideas behind many of the clothes we wore in the 80s were not new - but the clothes were.  Here though, the vintage look seems authentic, giving this image an uncommon quality or sense of otherness.  It's a thought-out, not thrown-on, ensemble... the dark bits from history with a speck-of-color bow."

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sleep Travel.

Reading of science and alchemy, he began to doze - I suppose - and to his ear, the air rang with splashes of laughter.  Through a window in the woods, he realized - to his surprise - he was not where or when he was.
Nicholas Hilliard - Henry Percy, 1590-1595.
Charles Codman - Bathing Pool, 1830.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Soul in the Palm of the Hand.

Reading about the art of the limner and of miniature portraiture - which might be considered a very early predecessor of social networking... much like the posting and sharing of "selfies" today. 
Henry Fitzroy, Lucas Horenbout 1534.
Elizabeth I by Levina Teerlinc 1565.
Francis Charles Black, Charles Fraser 1832.
Photography, wondrous as it is, replaced the popularity of the hand-painted miniature portrait.  Daguerreotypes were the new fad.

In my opinion, the time spent with a sitter infused the handpainted portrait with more life... personality.  It was this glint of emotion which contributed to the appeal of the miniature, which was small enough to tuck into a breast pocket, slide into a locket suspended by ribbon, send to a loved one far away, or pack for a voyage.

My hand opens - for in the palm, may I peer into your soul.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Trashy Bass and Bowie's Blue Suit.

There was Bowie - with his captivating peepers and covetable powder-blue suit - a man of the future

Searching for what I call "trashy bass" - a broken-sounding reverberating fog-horn bass - I found Bowie, looking futuristic, singing from the past "Life on Mars".

And I did find the trashy bass too - on Bowie's Fame and around 1:39 Marty Robbins Don't Worry, not quite twang - a bit static-fuzz - but it's sticking with me... that fat dapper tie, the striped shirt, the suit of baby-blue.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Toile La La Automne Hiver 2014 2015 Highlights.

Inspiration:  A half-moon in a charged atmosphere, glowing golden hours, twilight silhouettes, primordial nature, cloud formations like ship sails and smoke, the silver and gold of winking stars... the equality of shadows... all the good and Romantic Souls.  Toile La La details here.

From the Toile La La A/H F/W 2014-2015 Romantic Souls Collection:

Fleur - Toile La La Romantic Souls A/H 2014-2015 Collection.

ZiZi - Toile La La Romantic Souls A/H 2014-2015 Collection.

Fleur - Toile La La Romantic Souls A/H 2014-2015 Collection.

Model - Bat, wearing Toile La La rooster-hen toile - A/H 2014-2015.

ZiZi - Toile La La Romantic Souls A/H 2014-2015 Collection.

A/H 2014-2015 cross-body mail satchel in grey, with brass-gold fittings.  Toile La La.

Twilight Silhouette toile wrap-skirt, Romantic Souls A/H 2014-2015.  Toile La La.

Bat, wearing peach candy-floss wig and pin accessory.  A/H 2014-2015 Toile La La.
Shoe-boots, Fleur's own.  A/H 2014-2015, Toile La La.

Vintage Gold Dancing Slippers, ZiZi's own.  A/H 2014-2015, Toile La La.

Romantic Souls A/H 2014-2015 inspiration, glowing golden hours - July 2013.