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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lions, Books, Peace: My Cup of Tea.

This crowned tea package lion delicately sipping from his own cup brings to mind the multitude of lions guarding Piazza San Marco of Venice... topping columns, adorning doorways - with a permanent, carved gaze forever observing passersby.

My favorites there are the lions with their paws on books including the inscribed words "Pax tibi" - in Latin, meaning "Peace be with you."
Piazza San Marco: Looking South, Caspar van Wittel - 1690s. Biblioteca Nazionale, Rome. Wikimedia.
If you drink tea - and you like to travel - and you like to correspond the old-fashioned "snail mail" way... here's a link with a letter-writing idea for you to try the next time you're having tea in an exotic locale.

In addition to the Royal Cup Pekoe tea pictured above, and the spicy orange Constant Comment mentioned in the link, powdered matcha green tea is another favorite.  For several years I've given the matcha a new spin... which you can read about here.