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Friday, April 27, 2012

Antony Hegarty: Gold Stars!

His Mona Lisa visage winking at me from the center of I-D Magazine's Spring Royalty Issue, Antony's interview with Susan Corrigan is one of the most compelling, thought-provoking articles of the publication.
Antony Hegarty in I-D Magazine:  Daniele and Iango photography, styling by Patti Wilson.
How could I resist such statements as this - by Antony: "I believe a sustainable future for society and the world requires a paradigm shift toward a more feminine system.  Men should find a profound humility and realise that they were born with the strength to better serve and protect the feminine in society." He believes that is the true role for men, rather than "to dominate and to subjugate the rest of humanity and nature".  

Antony believes a matriarchal system would save the planet:  "Male power is disconnected from a more interior or organic relationship to the environment and the world.  It's a bizarre, hierarchical fortress where all they care about is their own team, just like an army... . It's the most virulent, broken aspect of maleness." He explains that the biological-introduction of testosterone instilled a protective mind-set that has led to destruction and accumulation of weapons.

Summing it up, grandmothers should be managing the important issues.

You may be interested in this Guardian interview with Antony, by Peter Conrad, or on your own - search for YouTube video interviews.

A couple of years ago, with extreme foresight, my husband predicted women would be dominant in the future.  You can read more about this in older "Men of The Future" posts (Oct. 13, 2010 and Dec. 29, 2010).  We laughed as he made a story about it, but increasingly - I'm thinking he's right.  Antony is definitely a "Man of the Future".