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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Clothes Looking for a Script: Comme des Garcons Fall 2012 RTW.

See this Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi blog link for full-length videos of Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garcons Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Men's and Women's Collections, then contemplate with me.

First of all, I think Kawakubo's clothing literally creates thought. That cannot be said for all designers. No matter what your opinion of these collections, I believe you will notice you cannot prevent yourself from thinking strong thoughts about what you see on Kawakubo's runway.

All Flat-Stanley and paper-doll references aside, some of the womenswear coat shapes have a fresh appearance and lend the models a youthful look. Seeing the models present the womenswear, I felt some of Kawakubo's looks were at times inspired by Tavi Gevinson, then later by the paper-cutout artwork of Matisse. I could easily visualize the "dress-within-a-dress" silhouette looks being minimized to figure-flattering styles.

Despite the practicality of offering a place to rest one's hands, the pannier extensions of Kawakubo's Fall 2012 collection would present a predictable kerfuffle when worn through airport security - not to mention difficulties in the daily office cubicle. These are designs requiring a certain place, a certain time, and a certain mode of transportation. Imagine wearing one of the pannier dresses, riding a bicycle - in a gust of wind... off you'd go, like a kite.
Rei Kawakubo Comme des Garcons F/W 2012/2013 RTW. Image from Collections at Vogue.com.
Or, in the instance of the above garment - a gentle breeze might send the wearer pirouetting prettily, whirling like a maple-seed helicopter.

The shiny metallicized dresses seem like an excellent idea - maximum effect bling. Think of all the bandage-sized night-on-the-town dresses that exist - not much bling for the buck. Kawakubo's shiny dresses are big, startlingly-shaped, and shiny. If you didn't have time for the videos, there's a link to the Vogue runway collections here.

But to see the inspiration for this post title: Clothes Looking for a Script, you really should see the Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi link above. Rei Kawakubo's Fall 2012 menswear inspired me to imagine a short movie script. Here it is:

Ministers of Music - Happening perchance to discover a trunkful of items stored on a Hollywood backlot, contemplative time travelers find solace in assembling eclectic ecclesiastical ensembles. Donning their diverse "thinking caps" the ministers of music find they have a prediliction for crewel embroidery, Chanel wool,  and cabbage rose chintz. Offering services free of words, the ministers of music stroll, contemplate, and meditate their next destination.