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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rosanna Orlandi: Intelligent Beauty.

Rosanna Orlandi photo by Leslie Williamson for Dwell July/August 2012.
Rosanna Orlandi's eyes peer at me through those spectacular shades as I flip-flip-flip through the pages of Dwell magazine.

Rosanna's look was unlike any other look. I had to know more about the owner of those eyes, who wears big silver cuffs - and I discovered... this explains the look... Rosanna was once a knitwear designer, but has for more than 10 years now turned those incredible eyes to assessing and selecting works for her Milanese design gallery Spazio Rosanna Orlandi.

What do they seek, those eyes of Rosanna? "Honest" designs, according to The New York Times. (Julie Lasky, April 25, 2012)

In a How To Spend It article, Rosanna reveals: "... I never think consciously from a commercial point of view. Something catches me because it’s amazing. I fall in love and I have to touch things. I’m always curious, always learning. When you feel that you’re constantly learning, you can only improve.” (Jenny Dalton, Jan.6, 2011)  Orlandi's gallery selections do indeed seem to be one-of-a-kind and sometimes upcycled - leaning more toward functional art - catering less to commercially-driven manufacturing.

"To add humor to a home", Rosanna tells The Wall Street Journal, "you have to have courage in your choices.... You have to be daring and find things that make you say 'wow'". (Jackie Cooperman, Sept.24, 2011)  Orlandi's own look is proof that the right amount of daring is wowing and her advice might easily apply to fashion as well as furnishings.

Listen to Rosanna, as she invites you into her design gallery and speaks of the useful and very-often artful works of her design "family" - here.
(Above video link from crane.tv "Spazio Rosanna Orlandi's Magical Space" at youtube)