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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hideously Clever.

Hideously clever, ugly, or really brilliant. I can't decide. Toile La La.
Two posts ago, I mentioned this faux-crochet something-or-other of such indescribable jolie-laide intrigue that I'm beginning to like its essence.  Many would call this cloth whatever-it-is, surrounded by gold cotton fringe, UGLY.  But, you must first consider that it is not really crocheted from cheap acrylic yarn - as it appears to be.  It is only made to LOOK that way - and is instead cotton printed to look like a crocheted blanket of cheap acrylic.

I'm beginning to see the genius of this technique. Imagine trompe l'oeil beading, embroidery, and jewel-embellishments. Lower cost of production and also machine wash-and-dryable.

If you look at the post two dates ago, you will see some textiles with motifs of a possible Russian / European origin which could be adapted with this trompe l'oeil technique. In fact, one of the textiles - the Richloom Lucy in Chocolate - already has an embroidered look. But, this could be taken to another level by actually embroidering a small area of the fabric.