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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sense of Otherness and Fashion Trend Archives.

Posts of the previous week have opened a window into the development of my own fashion archives. Since the archive will be incorporated into a larger project, I have shared only a fraction of its contents. However, the following filing system might be of interest to others - like myself - who notice trends and analyze their origins.

As mentioned in one of the earlier posts, one of my main categories has been: "Sense of Otherness" - a term I give to what is shockingly new or so different as to be considered avant garde. My Sense of Otherness file entries bridge a gap between great and bizarre. With time, I realized that what shocked my senses initially would very often begin to look quotidien. Individuality is often mimicked, so - very predictably - styles that shocked frequently became trends.

Aside from that main category, here are some other file-headings I kept pre-1980 to post-2000:

  • vintage
  • textiles
  • scot-irish
  • spanish toreador
  • sports
  • russian
  • old west
  • orient
  • nautical
  • interesting personalities
  • haberdashery
  • gypsy
  • floral / fauna / nature
  • fashion history
  • fashion articles 
  • eye-catching advertisements
  • dance/fitness
  • breakthroughs/innovations
  • africa
  • accessories
Of course, that isn't an all-inclusive list, but does give an idea of the archival scope.