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Friday, November 9, 2012

Toile La La Photo Shoot.

Good Luck Employee Cat getting the girls photo-ready.  Toile La La photo November 2012.

Taking a break before the photo shoot. Toile La La photo November 2012.

Feuille, the new model. Toile La La photo November 2012.
Number One Good Luck Employee, always stunning, expresses her impatience.  Toile La La 2012.
Coco the millinery model, Hattie mini-millinery model, Camellia Pincushion, Fleur - my small-scale toile model, Mimi in her La Mode Illustree apron, wee Bebe Bouton, and Feuille.

Fleur, sitting on my plaster lima bean, sculpted in college.  Toile La La 2012.
After directing the photo shoot, Good Luck Employee promptly steals my chair and indulges in more preening.  Toile La La 2012.