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Monday, April 8, 2013

How Fitness Impacts Fashion or Style.

Simply put, a body with toned muscles - that moves with ease (and a purring engine) is more apt to "carry" clothing better.  This has nothing to do with size or proportions.  Whatever those may be, the owner of said size and proportion will feel better and move more gracefully if she/he practices exercises which promote better functional movement and range of motion.  

With Spring, people tend to begin thinking of exercise (unless a fitness regimen is already underway as a result of New Year's resolutions)... so, what better time to learn more about ways to shape up - in an affordable and enjoyable manner.  

After ten years teaching fitness methods - and even more years using fitness videos for at-home exercise routines, I decided to share some of my shape-up experiences and knowledge with others - via another blog: Better Shell Fitness Reviews.  With Better Shell, I hope to not only revisit some of my favorite exercise methods (via fitness videos/DVDs by a very eclectic variety of instructors and from many exercise/dance/mind-body genres) - but also encourage others to seek a healthier body and realize that feeling better is the best motivation for exercise.

Here's a recent Better Shell Fitness Reviews post, but there are many others.  See the full blog for fitness reviews.