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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well, Hello Again... Some Correspondence for You.

Toile La La letter, p.l.
Toile La La letter, p.2.
My letter for you has two pages and a tear-sheet from Martha Stewart's Living, February 2013... and a photograph of my Redbud tree (Cercis Canadensis), which attracts so many honeybees and bumblebees that it seems to emanate a resounding, buzzing, humming, magnificent  "Om"... and a photo of Simon Doonan's Eccentric Glamour - bookmarked with Number One Good Luck Employee Cat's walking leash... and a photo of Black Beauty's keys.  The whole letter arrives for you in an envelope collaged with a photo-bit - which is Hadley-ish in style.  I would, of course, choose a bizarre assortment of stamps and seals to see your letter through the mail - perhaps a Lunar New Year stamp with Chinese firecrackers - along with a Calendula stamp... then fixed with a red wax seal stamped with a griffin.  And for quirkier correspondence ideas, I'm enjoying reading Good Mail Day... but all of this you can read about in the letter above.  Happy reading!
Brenner, her hen, and her Echium Wildpretii in Martha's February 2013 Living.
my buzzing bee Redbud tree (with two bumblebees in this photo...)
Simon Doonan's aerobicizing and QE2 in-a-rickshaw tales have me hooting with laughter.
Black Beauty's calm (almost centenarian) keyboard - sans exclamation point.
A collage-bit for the envelope, sans stamps and seals and addresses.