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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

People-Watching, SC.

Near a cantilevered bridge, under blue skies - prom photos:
  • girl in short, strapless dress with turquoise mermaid-scale sequins, teetering in spike heels - moving as little as necessary.
  • girl in short, strapless randomly-sequined coral dress, teetering in spike heels - moving as little as necessary.
  • brunette in short, strapless electric blue satin with tulle tutu, descending stairs.
Near a park fountain:
  • bridesmaids wearing two styles of gray taffeta dress - strapless or bow on one shoulder... abdomens slightly ruched, but dresses very fitted and above knee.  Everyone, throats adorned with big citron yellow plastic gems dangling - really a very attractive and eye-catching accent.
In front of a hotel fountain:
  • bridesmaids wearing pale sea blue/green shot silk long, full-skirted formal gowns with peach corsages.  Men's ties also pale sea blue/green shot silk.
In front of a tree:
  • a grouchy/grumpy-looking bride being photographed by a grouchy/grumpy-looking photographer.
High-low hemlines (short in front, long in back - like a mullet):
  • one girl in an electric blue dress with high-low overskirt of diaphanous material.
  • one girl in a dainty-looking cream lace high-low dress with double-tiered ruffle over the bust.
Two auburn scottish terriers reclining on a cafe table (placed there by their people) - panting, watching me go by.

A boy with glossy dark wavy hair wearing a plastic comb-like stretchy headband, making his hairline appear braided.

A group of five people - all with dark, thick hair - one girl, four gentlemen... looking as if they were a band, even if they aren't - all wearing denim shirts and jeans and black shoes... girl in long denim skirt, men with full hair and some with beards and mustaches, walking slowly - looking full of potential creativity.

Blues piano player wearing heavy-rimmed black glasses, a fannypack, and shorts with embroidered leaves.  His fingernails long... brown fingers with healthy pink tips, walking purposefully up-and-down mostly the black keys.