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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Soul in the Palm of the Hand.

Reading about the art of the limner and of miniature portraiture - which might be considered a very early predecessor of social networking... much like the posting and sharing of "selfies" today. 
Henry Fitzroy, Lucas Horenbout 1534.
Elizabeth I by Levina Teerlinc 1565.
Francis Charles Black, Charles Fraser 1832.
Photography, wondrous as it is, replaced the popularity of the hand-painted miniature portrait.  Daguerreotypes were the new fad.

In my opinion, the time spent with a sitter infused the handpainted portrait with more life... personality.  It was this glint of emotion which contributed to the appeal of the miniature, which was small enough to tuck into a breast pocket, slide into a locket suspended by ribbon, send to a loved one far away, or pack for a voyage.

My hand opens - for in the palm, may I peer into your soul.