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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Futurepast, Perspective - Advance F/W 15/16.

With last summer's Romantic Souls A/H F/W 14/15 advance collection setting precedent, Toile La La now releases L'Oeil Creatif a L'Avance A/H F/W 15/16 fashion collection.  Whereas the Romantic Souls collection was inspired by "atmospheric conditions, clouds, twilight silhouettes, colors of shifting sky, large pastoral toiles, all the romantic souls - including the geisha and pierrot, and the equality of shadows" the Creative Eye collection is based on the concepts of "futurepast" and perspective.  

Toile La La explains, "Creatively, in the blink of an eye, visual concepts merge to appear timeless - neither future or past... or even something of the future which would be viewed as from the past.  It is all based upon perspective and perception.  Things of the past have potential to be timely again.  I even like the idea of "per" as a root... meaning "for each" and "by" - how this relates to personal point of view."

Toile La La predicts for A/H F/W 15/16: the bateau dolman-sleeved pullover, a Dior New Look-length A-line skirt, magnified tartan or plaid, the shawl-collar blouse, a chic striped toboggan, and a short A-line skirt atop a hi-lo skirt. The hi-lo skirt brings to mind a Poiret-style silk harem skirt and breezily follows the wearer - emphasizing the art of motion.

Colors are rainy day primaries - of a limited palette, says Toile La La - who has in the past tired of "anonymous city-black-and-grey", but has now returned to "an admiration for a mascara-black or lamp-soot-black paired with an oatmeal-sort of neutral and a rainy/foggy-sky blue as backdrops for these toned-down Cezanne colors".
A/H F/W RTW 15/16 Cezanne Palette - Toile La La fashion collection at Art Fashion Creation.