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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Magritte: Norine Fashion Illustrations.

Looking for other-things-Magritte today, I serendipitously discovered Magritte's 1925 fashion illustrations for Belgian fashion house Norine. With great Art Deco elements such as spotlight rays and colliding geometrics, Magritte's Norine sketches share the great avant garde look and colors of contemporary Sonia Delaunay - and even hint at things-to-come from the Italian futurists. Arlequinade, Nuit sans Fin, Belle Inconnue, La Festa, La Robe Musette, Lord Lister, and Adieu New York... these are the names of the garments Magritte depicted for Norine. Read more about Magritte's Norine illustrations and his work in advertising graphics here, or about the fashion house Norine - here and here.

Too, search for Magritte's advertising sketch for "strange perfume" Soir d'Orage by Mem. As a fan of fragrance oddities, this really piqued my sniffing curiosity. I like the idea of the scent of a stormy evening. Location, of course, would matter. Was Mem's stormy evening near the sea, a city, a fruit grove, or a forest - I wonder. I like to imagine scent molecules preserved from this particular evening contain the essence of rich, rain-soaked dark forest earth imbued with the bark and needles of evergreen trees, the fiber of hardwoods, and the fruit of apple and pear trees - with a flashing whiff of moss zapped by lightning.