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Friday, February 20, 2015

FutuRead...A New Way to Read

Hundreds of turning pages - flip after flip, rustling... the sound of something good to read.  Page upon page of shiny and matte... crescendos of blooming color, interspersed with easy-on-the-eyes black and white, and historic hints of sepia and inks of blue-black and green-black.  My eyes enjoy photography, paint, engraving, text - images produced by a variety of processes.  The artwork and text create a visual landscape - which emanates a satisfying creative calm... as I linger over this article, or that picture - skipping ahead to the end, or returning to pages already-read.  

I return later to this book and find skipped or irrelevant pages are replaced with new content.  Articles of interest remain to enjoy again.  The book has feel appeal - it's chunky, but compact and lightweight.  No scrolling.  No inner-glowing... its images appear in the light I provide - outdoor sunlight, indoor daylight, or a soft lamp.

As its archives grow, and as dismissed articles are replaced, my replenishing book reaches a certain page count - and weight.  Then, it's time to add another book to my library.

Is it a book of the future... a marriage of digital and tactile... .  It is one of my imaginings.  If you've ever wondered if there's any significant benefit or advantage of real page-turning-reading - versus that of digital books - you may like a Scientific American article "The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper Versus Screens" by Ferris Jabr, 4.11.13. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/reading-paper-screens/