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2D to 3D: Artist Room Studies, Jennifer Hawkins Hock

To emphasize a captured moment in the daily life and environment of these artists is my goal ; to spotlight their appreciation for the art f...

Friday, June 17, 2016

2D to 3D: Artist Room Studies, Exhibition Notes

Summer 2014 - Intrigued by living spaces I began to study painted rooms of famous artists and considered how an artist's studio and domestic interior might influence a body of work.  Too, the concept of change within those spaces fascinated me. To momentarily shift focus away from the artist's renowned creations and emphasize instead a captured moment in the daily life and environment is my goal. I created the room studies as a way to feel the lives of these artists and closer examine the ways they surrounded themselves.

Deeply involved in various art forms that summer of 2014, my own studio began to exhibit a cluttered look as more hours were dedicated to sketching, painting, and sewing.  I thought of other artists' studios and houses - particularly curious about the surroundings of women artists in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Searching for these artists' rooms, some of them seem more approachable, more real than others. Some of the furnishings look practical and commonplace; these are the rooms to which I relate and which I imagine visiting. Some paintings exude a more friendly, welcoming aspect and these are the rooms to which I feel invited.

In my Artist Room Studies, I am recreating the essence of the room - a similar arrangement, similar lighting, colors, and similar furnishings.  I hope the viewer receives an impression of familiarity - either before or after viewing the original artwork, whereby my three-dimensional room assemblage is enough like the artist's two-dimensional painting to be recognizable.

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