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Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Best Blogging Moments in Art and Fashion

Via blog editorship, I've certainly enjoyed life to a much fuller extent than I would as a random bystander. Blogging is the impetus navigating a continual search for creativity and subject matter for intriguing posts. At the end of this post, you'll find a few links to some of my favorite blogging moments. 

For six years I've maintained Art Fashion Creation and Toile La La, but you'll also find posts at the Wordpress blog dressesandhats. Too, you may remember the blog Better Shell Fitness, to which I contributed fitness reviews.  At these blogs, you'll also find reviews for fashion shows/exhibits, museums, travel, books, and music - all written in my nom de plume - Toile La La. The name Toile La La (pronounced twahl-lah-lah) originated from experiments in half-scale sewing and I kept it as a pen name because I enjoy the pronunciation.

Blogging is good motivation for exploring my own creative capacity.  During six blogging years, in addition to stitching those first half-scale design toiles, my art/fashion adventures include:
  • millinery
  • a hand-bound (coptic-stitched ) book and a more condensed zine titled 80s Fashion Design Book 1: Drawn
  • the recent exhibit 2D to 3D: Artist Room Studies
  • fashion fiction, quick fiction, and interior fiction 
  • fashion collage and stitched collage
  • mail art and stitched wordsmithing
  • the F/W 2014 Romantic Souls fashion show
  • the S/S 2015 Spontaneous Now fashion show and video
  • the Advance A/H  F/W 15/16 L'Oeil Creatif a L'Avance fashion show
All told, it is my greatest pleasure to converse with other creatives. I feel I must almost glow with fascination during an interview - as my senses are so fully engaged. The following links lead you to my interviews with a variety of women - artists/designers/writers - all, women who inspire me with a particular eye, intelligence, written voice, or humor.