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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Time Travel Suit

time travel suit for Beistegui's rooftop terrace

Intricacies of time travel mastered, Number One, and name on the guest list, Number Two, wouldn't I shine shine shine in this ensemble - suddenly appearing in 1930s Paris.  To see and feel Charles de Beistegui's Champs Elysees rooftop experience - deemed a hodgepodge of "modernism, mechanism, and surrealism" by the great Beaton. My ascent up the white spiral staircase all sparkle and flash,with one press of a button I'd activate the rolling glass wall to access the terrace. Then, on a carpet of grass beneath a ceiling of sky, I would dance dance dance, reflecting and refracting the lights and traffic below - reflected and refracted by the many mirrored surfaces past, present, and futuristic - ooh la la!

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note: image (clipped, altered and filed in my journal) from Purple Fashion S/S 2016, p.256. Pants - Loewe, skirt - Olympia Le-Tan, top - Marni. Photographer - Casper Sejersen, Stylist - Camille Bidault-Waddington, Model - Heather Kemesky.