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Monday, July 11, 2016

Nurturing Creative Minds

Encouragement for an artist is like water to a flower - encouragement makes an artist bloom. A kind word, a smile, a positive note are apt to make all the difference in someone's day. Among the clutter on my desk, I retrieved a newspaper clipping which seemed so appropriate and most likely inspired this post.

In my travels, I saved an article entitled "The Arts Thrive Only if We Support Them" by Scott McLeod for Smoky Mountain News. McLeod opens with a statement by Kari Rinn, Haywood Community College director of Creative Arts - who says, "The arts teach us to appreciate beauty, to make visible our thoughts, ideas and inspirations and to continually problem solve. These are important life skills that apply to every aspect of community, family and business. The survival of the arts is paramount to our happiness and also our innovation." As a lifelong illustrator and observer and maker-of-things, this small, square newspaper clipping brightened my day today - just as it did the day I first saw it.

In addition to its encouraging words, the article also brought to attention the simple fact that low budgets are forcing public schools to eliminate their arts programs. McLeod reminds us that our forefathers deemed the arts and sciences equally important. But the present day poses a conundrum - as art, music, architecture, languages, theatre and so on are oft considered less significant and therefore receive less funding and less votes.

Essentially - among us - the dreamers and makers of things are placed in an environment which is not conducive to survival.

To end on a positive note though, it is paramount that artists support each other. From a recent workshop experience, I personally realize the power of loving community. When artists encourage each other, they are empowered and inspired to also nurture others.