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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kabuki Skirt

The idea originally came to me after reading about Kabuki garments, and then resurfaced in the form of one of my Toile La La collages. Initially, I planned to pad the hem layers - as in the construction of the collage, but the actual skirt would have been too heavy with 12 padded layers, so they are instead folded. To counterbalance the sheen and ornamentation of the elegant fabrics, I created texture in the skirt body by handwashing and air-drying. Wabi sabi. I imagine this worn with lovely, block-heeled but lightweight and lady-like powder blue or lavender velvet pumps and a tatty black avant garde airy-knit sweater.
Hem of Kabuki Skirt - JHH
Kabuki Skirt - Toile La La collage