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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Colorful Character: Lily Elsie.

Made the acquaintance of Edwardian actress Lily Elsie via the pages of Mila Contini's all-I-could-want-in-a-book Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day.  Quick-witted, informative, briskly-paced - the words read so smoothly, I'm at Page 290 of 319 Pages-to-Read.  Lily Elsie though, made her appearance at Page 288... only through description, no photo of her was there - but what an appearance it was.  Photo found, beauty noted, the image cannot parallel Contini's description of Lily Elsie's colorful character:
"Lily Elsie, a star of musical comedy, shaded her eyelids in purple and grey for the stage, and darkened her nostrils with red and purple and her cheeks in different shades of red, from coral to wood-rose.  She applied ochre-coloured powder to her chin with a rabbit's paw, and coloured the tip of her nose and the lobes of her ears with salmon-coloured paste.  Her face thus acquired the immobility of a Chinese doll."
Edwardian actress Lily Elsie:  Colorful Character.
Contini's Lily Elsie description is an image just asking for paint - a to-do for my art list, but here's a quick color exercise - to be considered an artistic launch or jumpstart... courtesy of Lily Elsie.
  • Eyelids Eyelids
  • Nostril Nostril
  • Tip of Nose, Ear Lobes
  • Cheek Cheek
  • Chin
A Painted Lady in the Best Sense, an Artist, A Creative Individual with a Colorful Character... Lily Elsie.