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Monday, February 2, 2015

Collage Postcard for E.

The female image is from a vintage museum postcard - Musee du Luxembourg - called "Au Crepuscule" - twilight, by Paul Chabas. She was standing in a shallow pool of water, looking cold - so I transported her to a forest, interlocking foliage and postcard - clipping in a way which left the girl free, so that she projects ever-so-slightly from the green background. The stump and bush are courtesy of a Giorgione colourplate from a vintage art book in my stacks. The garden belongs to someone featured in Architectural Digest - with a wonderful green thumb, or a talented gardener.
Collage Postcard by Toile La La.

I found the vintage postcard in an assortment of maps, postcards, and interesting antique ephemera which I purchased from Kathleen Sawyer's the back of the boat shop at Etsy. The blue link will take you there - where you will enjoy Sawyer's collage artwork and her amazingly affordable collage art kits - (5 dollars!).