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Monday, February 2, 2015

Mail Art - Creative Correspondence.

Lately, my mailbox bulges with happiness... lots and lots of mail, and my camera is stuffed full too. More mail art, and more posts to come soon - and, perhaps - a guest, but for now - some photos, and Number One Good Luck - my Project Inspector tabby.

The seal of approval from my Project Inspector - Good Luck Number One.

Toile La La stitch-altered story for mail art correspondence. Image Toile La La.

Toile La La button collage.

E, my most long-standing mail correspondent sent me a Keats poem on a vintage envelope with stamps dated 1944 - and she sent a card bearing 3 pearlescent buttons. Sometimes she returns something I've sent her - with commentary. I had mailed her a snippet of an antique photo strip with 2 men and we wondered if they were brothers - maybe even twins. One frame bore only one man, so I decoupaged him to a pearly button. I mailed to E, along with the button collage, a page from a 1930s story - which I edited with machine-stitching and paint (to create a poem of sorts). And, I included a china fragment from my grandmother's back yard and a china fragment I found on the riverbank while canoeing. In the second photo, you can see E's very clever envelope closure she created - using a metal button, attached with a cotter pin. That was one of my favorite things!